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5 hours ago

Philadelphia Eagles

Congratulations to Haloti Ngata on a great career! ... See MoreSee Less


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Did he play for us?

This dude was a beast in his prime, a freaking beast. When he was on the Ravens he was an impact maker. His signing with the Eagles was to get one last paycheck, which, I get, but he was not really that effective at all. Good luck Ngata!

An Eagles legend

I know some of you may have never heard of him. He pretty much played his beat years here in Baltimore. I don't know how great his numbers were the seasons he spent in Detroit. I wish you guys could have gotten the best of him. I think injuries hampered his final few seasons. But he was a great player and good guy both on and off the field. Cheers to Ngata on his career.

Congrats and all that's Ngata then Foles, Hicks, Jernigan, Tate, Mathews, Bennett... (* 😲gasp!)-- No lead running back.. Not tying to be negative...We still have Peters right ?? (y)

#oregonduck for life. Congrats bro 💕

This guy was a beast in his prime, he made the Ravens D line scary for years. The fact that a lot of people here doesn't know who he is really shows how many years they have been watching football. Btw, great beard!

Congratulations and thank for the time you played for the Eagles!❤️❤️🦅🦅

Thanks for the cup of coffee. 😁

Congratulations and thanks for the years as a Eagles

Did he retire?

Not with the Eagles....but a great career nonetheless.

🤦🏼‍♂️ I'm ashamed of some of our fans not knowing who this man was.

If you don’t know who Haloti is just stop watching football!


Wishing you all the best

he's was a good player but we have M.Jackson our dl is going be awesome this year you can't block all of us Brandon,fletcher,jackson,barnett fly eagles fly eagles it's going be greaT SEASON FOR us eagles fan

He came from the Lions.

only with us one year

Thank you Haloti. Best Wishes

Good luck and thank you

Anorher great draft pick by Ozzie.

Congratulations on a great career! Enjoy your retirement!

Congratulations on your retirement!

Awww <3 Congratulations on your retirement!

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