Minnesota Vikings

Buckley’s in Belltown is your Seattle headquarters for Minnesota Vikings football. Come join other Vikings fans on gameday!

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22 minutes ago

Minnesota Vikings

It has all come full circle.

Alexander Mattison grew up idolizing Troy Polamalu, whose uncle Kennedy is Mattison's first NFL position coach.

πŸ“»: mnvkn.gs/Y7YqTc
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Troy is/was my favorite Steeler....Fight On✌

Gonna be awesome to see this kid flourish, he has all the tools to take over the RB1 spot when cooks tears something week 3

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Not hardly a better one he could pick.


Need to buy this kid's jersey.

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2 hours ago

Minnesota Vikings

Hear from Head Coach Mike Zimmer and others on the acquisition of P/K Kaare Vedvik. ... See MoreSee Less

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I keep reading people say what a waste of a 5th round pick.first of all the Vikings are set to get multiple compensatory picks in this up coming draft so this 5th round pick we gave up is basically a bonus pick so were not losing any of our normal picks.these comp draft picks allow teams to take a shot on a raw player with a lot of possible potential.this guy is pretty much bust proof due to his skills say he fails as kicker the Vikings could slide him to punter.honestly our punting situation has been bad for many years so this guy can’t be any worse than what we’ve had.also it’s easy to see this guys leg is stronger than bailey’s just on paper it’s reported that his kick offs are five to six yards deeper then bailey which is huge cuz that means way more touchbacks and not many chances for big returns.with his skill set this trade was a lot more reward then risk

I thinks Zimms is getting a bit too much sun. Zimmerman’s cheeks, nose and face is looking redder than a drunken Santa. πŸ˜‚

I mean SB champs coming cause we have a punter a position that really doesn’t matter ( sorry not sorry ) shouldn’t even be talking about this guy

We trade a fifth for a player and have no idea of what position he plays? Yikes. Either a smokescreen or you have to do more homework Coach.

Journalist: "Are you a kicker or a punter or a kickoff specialist, or all?" Vedvik: "You know I'm an athlete." Translation: even he doesn't know wtf he's doing here. Sounds like a mess

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Let’s go vikes

Let's laugh about wasting a couple 5th round picks. Who needs em right? But Rick loves to collect 7th round picks like that makes any sense.

soooo...this is a video rehashing older video? ok.


Ryan Glaser what you think bout the kicker/punter whatever situation?


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