Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

Buckley’s on Queen Anne is your Seattle headquarters for Green Bay Packers football. Come join other Packers fans celebrate every touchdown!


3 hours ago

Green Bay Packers

First look at the newest #Packers in the green & gold πŸ‘€πŸ”₯

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Why did we let Breeland go?

Cute, now bring back Jordy.

Bring back Robert Ferguson as a slot receiver!!

Bring back Brett Favre.

They should resign Bashaud Breeland.

Billy Turner is guna be a tank for them! Former NDSU player back wearing green and gold were he belongs!

Don't care about Jordy, just resign Breeland (and Wilkerson if possible).

People need to let the Jordy Nelson thing go. He's not the same player he used to be.

any number but Mandarich's old number for Hunter!

I agree we need to sign Jordy with the Raiders Jordy stats we're 63 catches 739 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns we all know Jordy is very familiar with Rodgers that is a fact get him signed period

Photoshop lvl 100

Amos following in the footsteps of Al Harris wearing #31

We want Jordy!!!!

Great, now bring back Favre! And Woodson!!! Bust Sharper out of prison and resign him. Bring Reggie White back from the dead too for the vet minimum. Then I'll be happy!!

Bout to order that 31 jersey

Bring back Bill Schroeder.

We need hockenson or fant

Jordy is needed

I was hoping they'd resign breeland

can we just officially cut ties with matthews?

NOT 77, please take any other number😟 ... visions of Tony Mandarich just flashed before eyes

Billy Turner #77?! I thought they retired Manwiches number.

We need 52 and 87 back under our hood

Plus Jordy Nelson can actually catch the ball I seen a lot of dropped passes last year

That Photoshop Is wooooooooooooooow

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