Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

Buckley’s on Queen Anne is your Seattle headquarters for Green Bay Packers football. Come join other Packers fans celebrate every touchdown!


5 hours ago

Green Bay Packers

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Get ready for Thursday Night Football 🏈:

#GBvsSEA #GoPackGo
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Stationed on Whidbey Island Washington! My wife and I's first ever Packer game tomorrow night! We are soooooo excited. Grew up in Green Bay. Go Pack Go!!!!

Must win game.

Packers about to improve to 5 and 4 Go pack Go

Just got to Seattle. Can’t wait for tomorrow night! Go Pack Go

I’m not even gonna watch this game With mcdonut couching pointless Seattle - 4 Green Bay - 0

Going to be a house divided here! 🧀👩🏻‍🦰💚💛 VS 🌊🐓💙💚🙍🏻‍♂️

Tae bout to light the Seahawks secondary up

Seattle by 10. Tough road game on a shorts week rest. Brutal environment... Doesn't look so good.

Omg Richard Sherman and kam chancellor are gunna shut us down!!! We don’t have Jordy!!!!

Why does everyone keep acting like the hawks didn't play Sunday also and the packers are at a disadvantage.. Using the excuse of its a short week bs.. They played the Phins last week.. Super easy game.. Hawks played the rams.. If anything they are at a disadvantage cause of that.. It's like u "fans" are already making excuses for when the team loses..

Picture this its 2015 packers lose Jordy for the year, everybody starts screaming "CUT DAVANTE" real classy packer fans

First playoff game of the year

Let's get our first road win!! Go pack go!!

If that’s your game face... you better go home and change it, cuz you’re gonna need something a little stronger....

Will the special teams get on track?

Gotta take the Seaschmucks down!

this is kinda it guys. the difference between are we a playoff contender, or is season 100 a waste of everyone's time.

Can't wait to see the game live in Seattle. #GoPackGo

Get me another 20 points!

Anxiety is out the roof over this game. Can't wait till tonight. I'll be watching it even though I work 3rd shift 😊

Can’t wait! This will be my first time going to a Packers Game! So excited!

Thursday night football is the worst!

Kick some butts tomorrow night, Packers!

Famous McCarthy play call...... WR pass for hopefully 3 yards

Must Win came here in out

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7 hours ago

Green Bay Packers

LIVE from Seattle 🎡: Wes & Mike answer your #GBvsSEA questions before #TNF ... See MoreSee Less


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Pack needs to start fast and avoid untimely penalties.

That all sounds good. But McCarthy hasn’t been willing to stick with the run.

I live here and can't afford the tickets, go pack go

Welcome to Seattle go pack.go destroy them seachickens

King, what a bust. The guy is always hurt.

rip packers are gonna get killed and so is the coach

Aaron Jones is a star. Easily top 10 running back in the league

Stick to d&d. Don't even act like you know what you're talking about regarding football.

Umm, did I sleep through Wednesday?

Me and my brother will be at the game! Go pack go

SeaHens going to the microwave.....Go Pack Go!!!🏈😀

Need to contain Wilson because there's always that danger of him running.

Those three aren't the only TEs on our roster...

The Rogers Family from Germantown, Tennessee. I look forward to your Q & A articles and these videos. Puts things into perspective..through the ups and downs of the seasons.

Hey guys! Do you think ARods throws will increase in accuracy again with him training more and more after his injury?

It’s nt even that cause Rodgers still putting up a lotta good points and yards our defense needs to step up

You guys need a hotel right near the stadium let me know!!

So how bad are the Packers going to lose?

Enjoy your stay in the Emerald City! If you guys are foodies, you’re in the right place! Check out Carkeek Park to the north for gorgeous views of the Olympic Mts and be in the beautiful forest at the same time!!

Is foosball the devil?

Can't wait untill tomorrow

Wilson was only cool 1 year when he played for Wisconsin

Are backups are playing better than the starters that are on the injury list....agree?

How well do you think will the front seven do against the shifty Wilson, since our pressure is mostly from the interior line?

Oohhh I so hope they beat the Seahawks!!! Go Packers🏈💚💛

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