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Buckley’s in Belltown is your Seattle headquarters for Philadelphia Eagles football. Come join other Eagles fans and sing Fly Eagles, Fly after every touchdown!



1 Thu, Aug 10

@ Green Bay

5:00 PM 
2 Thu, Aug 17


4:00 PM 
3 Thu, Aug 24


4:00 PM NFL
4 Thu, Aug 31

@ New York Jets

4:00 PM NFL


1 Sun, Sep 10

@ Washington

10:00 AM FOX
2 Sun, Sep 17

@ Kansas City

10:00 AM FOX
3 Sun, Sep 24

New York Giants

10:00 AM FOX
4 Sun, Oct 1

@ Los Angeles Chargers

1:05 PM FOX
5 Sun, Oct 8


10:00 AM FOX
6 Thu, Oct 12

@ Carolina

5:25 PM CBS
7 Mon, Oct 23


5:30 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
8 Sun, Oct 29

San Francisco

10:00 AM
9 Sun, Nov 5


10:00 AM CBS
11 Sun, Nov 19

@ Dallas

5:30 PM NBC
12 Sun, Nov 26


10:00 AM FOX
13 Sun, Dec 3

@ Seattle

5:30 PM NBC
14 Sun, Dec 10

@ Los Angeles Rams

1:25 PM FOX
15 Sun, Dec 17

@ New York Giants

10:00 AM FOX
16 Mon, Dec 25


5:30 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
17 Sun, Dec 31


10:00 AM FOX

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6 hours ago

Philadelphia Eagles

"You're learning how to finish football games, and it's going to carry us the entire season." #FlyEaglesFly ... See MoreSee Less

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If there is any year, it's this year. We are at the peak of our Offense and the Defense will only get better with Sid and Darby.

Dougie is really growing on me. I was indifferent about him at first but he's growing and learning like the rest of em.

Great speech! He must be doing something right because our Eagles are 5-1 and sitting on top of the NFC right now. Let's keep flying high!

Best team in the NFL right now. Keep this train rolling Philly. Been a Philly fan since I started watching Football. Never been this excited for a Eagles team ever!

This team is something special. And it's time to admit that Pederson knows what he's doing. Remember how it felt after Chip was fired? We were lost. That really wasn't that long ago. Look at what we have now...

Don't get me wrong...really ecstatic how Eagles are starting off their season. But exactly what game was Pederson watching to suggest they finished well? They sat on top of their lead for pretty much the entire 4th quarter and gave us all shpilkes watching the Panthers climb back into the game! It shouldn't have even been that close...but the officiating was totally for the home team. smh (as were the broadcasters comments)

"I've never been around a group of men that love each other the way you do"...that's says and means a lot. Sky is the limit!!!

They better focus less on 5-1 and more on knocking Cousins dizzy or he's going to beat us. The guy has our number.

Ooooo nowwwwww everyone likes Doug ey? 5-1 and all of a sudden 'I'm starting to like him' maybe everyone that hated him last season have had a reality check and realised you need longer than 16 games sometimes to have an impact lol

Jacob Garcia hey brotha, comeback to where your football years started. It’s never too late. I know this vid will give you goosebumps

Doug is finally starting to gel with Carson, like McNabb with Reid except much better. Like Holmgreen & Favre, like Switzer & Aikman. Dare I say Bellichick & Brady?😏 #FlyEaglesFly

Anyone whos trying to turn a positive into a negative is not really a fan! Dont care if we won by 1 pt a win is a win in the NFL and The Eagles🦅 are on fire! #GoEaglesGo #FlyEaglesFly #BirdGang

They are winning late in spite of Doug. His playcalling - more specifically his formations - are atrocious.

Great job guys skies the limit take it one game at a time hard work and determination we will take it the whole way and bring the trophy home to philly

There's something different about this team this year let's go Eagles !!!sorry about that broken collarbone Aaron Rodgers LOL

#SkyIsDaFreakingLimit coach them guys up doug!!!!🦅GANG...another primtime game to show da world we forreal

Just stay Healthy! Smart moves. Learn how to slide. No crazy catches. It's getting vicious boys. Play Smart. Stay Safe. No Injuries!!

Great job Eagles! Love my squad and all....but why is Sidney Jones there in a towel? Is this normal?

One of the best games I ever went to!! Couldn’t talk for 3 days!!

It's that attitude that's the difference

What a great speech. Great way to motivate and praise your team!!! GO BIRDS!!!!!!

Yeah Baby!!! 5-1 Let's Keep It Up!!!💪🏈🦅 Let's Make It Happen Let's Go All The Way!!!

Dougy P!! is got this coaching thing down pat!! Preach it Dougy!!

Great to see that family mentality

Great speech coach! Lets make it 6-1 baby! Emâleè Wéiñ💚🏈🤘🏽

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