Minnesota Vikings

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1 Thu, Aug 10 @ Buffalo 4:00 PM
2 Fri, Aug 18 @ Seattle 7:00 PM NFL
3 Sun, Aug 27 San Francisco 5:00 PM NBC
4 Thu, Aug 31 Miami 5:00 PM
1 Mon, Sep 11 New Orleans 4:10 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
2 Sun, Sep 17 @ Pittsburgh 10:00 AM FOX
3 Sun, Sep 24 Tampa Bay 10:00 AM FOX
4 Sun, Oct 1 Detroit 10:00 AM FOX
5 Mon, Oct 9 @ Chicago 5:30 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
6 Sun, Oct 15 Green Bay 10:00 AM FOX
7 Sun, Oct 22 Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS
8 Sun, Oct 29 @ Cleveland 6:30 AM NFL
10 Sun, Nov 12 @ Washington 10:00 AM FOX
11 Sun, Nov 19 Los Angeles Rams 10:00 AM FOX
12 Thu, Nov 23 @ Detroit 9:30 AM FOX
13 Sun, Dec 3 @ Atlanta 10:00 AM FOX
14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Carolina 10:00 AM CBS
15 Sun, Dec 17 Cincinnati 10:00 AM CBS
16 Sat, Dec 23 @ Green Bay 5:30 PM NBC
17 Sun, Dec 31 Chicago 10:00 AM FOX


5 hours ago

Minnesota Vikings

Happy birthday, Anthony! ... See MoreSee Less


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The Vikings are a good team. Second best in the NFC. But seriously all this cockiness. My Eagles laid the smack down on the Vikings! 38-7 that defense got exposed. Kirk Cousins is 26-30-1 in his career and 4-19 against winning teams. To be the best you gotta beat the best!!! WOOOOOOO #FLYEAGLESFLY 38-7 then we came in to Minneapolis in the Vikings locker room and won the Super Bowl. WOOOOO

Yes, and that is the ONLY reason your eagles won. Yes I a die hard SKOL Vikings fan can say Anthony LB, Everson D end, and Linval ST looked like they partied too much the night before. I promise you they will not make the same mistake again. Glad you were able to expose the PATS, but do not make the mistake of think Vikings d, who took out Aaron Rodgers and I acknowledge half of it was on Aaron...by the way, that was Anthony who's birthday we're commenting on , shut down Julio Jones...Im just sayin' I hope you keep your arrogance, which you ironically were bashing Vikings fans for...would LOVE to see Carson in the play offs next year...

Dudes got a lot of growing up to do. Hopefully this guy matures a bit, off the field and on.

Extend Kendricks, Diggs, Hunter and if there's room Barr...in that order please

they outta think about replacing him

I wonder what Aaron will be getting him this year

All u crybabies disliking his play first off have never watched a game, second it's his birthday , all u have to do is wish him a good one or don't but u need attention that bad that u want everyone to know that u don't like him

My personal favorite Viking. The casual fan just doesn't understand how valuable he is to our defense. Zimmer is constantly moving him to create schematic advantages for us, especially on 3rd down. Barr's elite coverage skills against RBs was a huge reason we led the entire NFL in 3rd down conversion percentage. Terrific linebacker.

Happy Birthday, Anthony!! I can't wait to see who walks into a Barr this season!!

Now, sign that guy!...he and Kendricks are pretty much a packaged deal, so do it! (y)

Thanks, but my birthday was three days ago.

So today is Anothony Barr's Birthday, huh? I heard he invited Aaron Rodgers to his BDay Party. And upon arrival, ARod walks into A. Barr lol! Happy BDay #55!

Happy birthday Anthony! That picture is seriously freaking me out. Looks like his arm needs to be reattached.

Happy Birthday Quarterback crusher!

A lot of professional football experts on here !

*Aaron Rodgers gets on TV: "I told Barr happy birthday and he flipped me off and cursed at me." On another episode of Sh* t that never happened, but Packers players claim..

Happy birthday thanks for taking out Rodgers last year !

Happy birthday Queen Latifah.

Happy bday to the Packers fans’ favorite viking!

Play all the games this year and get paid. Or, play half and get cut. Its your call

Happy happy birthday


Happy birthday Barr

Now my birthday has meaning, I share it with a Vikings! A cool Viking on top of that! Sammy Ayoub 😂

Tom Schuffenhauer GOAT. Aaron Rodgers like that😂😂

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19 hours ago

Minnesota Vikings

A strong defense just got stronger 💪💪 ... See MoreSee Less


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Bring back Wright

strong didnt look strong against philly

Go after Burnett and maybe get him for 5-6 million a year...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Vikings fans

Sign Kenny Powers for a kicker

Time to beef up that o line


Sheldon is going to fall in love with playing next to Linval...interior pass rush is going to be strong!

We shouldn’t make any predictions about next season because we have to see if our system is gonna work with the new incoming players. We will see if our players will even have the determination to make a run for the playoffs

Keep on building it up! #SKOL

Show us what you got

Stoked for the season to begin! SKOL VIKES!!!!

Now if the New QB and offense can score points

GREAT moves of late. Already excited for this season. SKOL

Loving this team addressing a weakness exposed and exploited by the Eagles! Eagles D-line of 4 was main factor in their win. Our D-line of 4 was ineffective in disrupting the Eagles pocket allowing Foles (or any other mediocre QB) look like Brady, Rodgers, Brees, et al. Richardson and Joseph providing significant push up the middle (ala Henry Thomas & John Randle) is exactly what our defense needed!

i hope they ge better

I'd hate to see griffin, Joseph or hunter replaced. Did we lose any of those three?

Ok , we all know this , it's not late breaking news . How do I stop you putting it on my FB every minute, lol .

Those graphics tho! 😍

Best Defense in the NFL

Miracle in Minneapolis the flop in Philly, Genious Zimmer!!

Can,t wait till football

Aric Nichols I’m getting more and more stoked lol


Nicole Fedder packers aren't going to stand a chance next season

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