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Green Bay Packers

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1 Thu, Aug 10 Philadelphia 5:00 PM
2 Sat, Aug 19 @ Washington 4:30 PM
3 Sat, Aug 26 @ Denver 6:00 PM
4 Thu, Aug 31 Los Angeles Rams 4:00 PM
1 Sun, Sep 10 Seattle 1:25 PM FOX
2 Sun, Sep 17 @ Atlanta 5:30 PM NBC
3 Sun, Sep 24 Cincinnati 1:25 PM CBS
4 Thu, Sep 28 Chicago 5:25 PM CBS
5 Sun, Oct 8 @ Dallas 1:25 PM FOX
6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Minnesota 10:00 AM FOX
7 Sun, Oct 22 New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX
9 Mon, Nov 6 Detroit 5:30 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
10 Sun, Nov 12 @ Chicago 10:00 AM FOX
11 Sun, Nov 19 Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS
12 Sun, Nov 26 @ Pittsburgh 5:30 PM NBC
13 Sun, Dec 3 Tampa Bay 10:00 AM FOX
14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Cleveland 10:00 AM FOX
15 Sun, Dec 17 @ Carolina 10:00 AM FOX
16 Sat, Dec 23 Minnesota 5:30 PM NBC
17 Sun, Dec 31 @ Detroit 10:00 AM FOX


21 hours ago

Green Bay Packers

Watch new #Packers TE Jimmy Graham's best plays from last season 🏈

🎥 via NFL
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Do all of you Jordy Fan Club members realize that he was getting locked down last year by everyone's #2 corner? Many defenses don't even have two great corners. Defenses knew he'd lost a step and sent their top defender elsewhere. Can't blame Hundley either, this was occurring from Week 1 on when Rodgers was healthy. You're hanging on to a memory that isn't realistic anymore.

A LOT of hype for a guy not as good as we gave up....We'll see I guess

It’s embarrassing how some of you are acting towards him just because Jordy was cut.

Have to have a good quarterback to get it done. Sorry. These embarrassing Packers do not. Let alone a head coach. Sit the next 50 seasons out and let real NFL teams compete that have good quarterbacks and real head coaches that cn lead a real NFL team to win the Superbowl. Just like the Eagles.

He will be a beast in the redzone for Aaron. Will miss Jordy but that's what Adams is there for.

Maybe some of you should do a little research. Tell me which teams have won a Super Bowl with mediocre tight ends? And the guy is a tight end not an fn punt returner

Omg they cut Jordy Boo hoo hoo😭😭 reality is that Jordy was asked to take a pay cut and he didn’t want to. I love Jordy Neslon but if he thought he was worth 10 million dollars he needed to be cut. Jimmy Graham will have so much more of an impact on offense than Jordy would have. All the Packers need to do is add s deep threat...Jordy wasn’t a deep threat anymore.

Is anyone else thinking this is a pathetic highlight reel? It's a bunch of 1st downs thrown by a QB that didn't know how to utilize a big play TE.

All these people really still so salty about jordy lol i loved him too folks, all of WI did, but its done and over with. Look forward, not back. Good luck in Oakland/Vegas jordy, and go pack go!

Did anyone else notice he is not a "tight end", he does not BLOCK. Even he acknowledges that in his court action against the Saints when he demanded "wide receiver" pay

He is going to have a breakout year! As a Lions fan I had hoped to God you guys wouldn’t get another top receiving target at tight end like JerMichael Finley! 😩😫😩

Those highlights are better than all our te highlights lol and Seattle didn't even use him right or focus on him

I still think Jordy can be an asset, but I understand why the team let him go. He was making too much money and it obviously makes more sense to keep a young talented receiver like Adams than it does to keep an older player whose skills are starting to erode. I think Nelson will definitely help the Oakland offense IF he can stat healthy and I'm anxious to see what Graham can do now that A-Rod is throwing him the ball.

You bring a HoF caliber tight end to play with a first ballad HoF quarterback? How is this not a bad move? Look at stats, he is only behind gronk, who is playing with Brady. Just enjoy what we havent had in years. Its alot easier to find and develop wide recivers then TE's any day.

You wanted Green bay to sign FA's didn't you? well here you go. Now the same lot of you are crying about nelson... Not everyone on the team can be a 10 million / year earner. We need to win now & can't wait to see if Nelson will be recovered fully from that knee injury, because he clearly wasn't last year

Why hate this move just because Jordy got let go? 2 different transactions, don't hate. We haven't had a TE like this since finley

Jimmy looks like a grown man playing against a bunch of middle school kids in some of these highlights. His size obviously stands out, but he probably has the strongest hands in the league. There isn't a DB in the NFL who can take the ball away from him in the red zone.

We pass more then Seattle we will help Graham become the Super Star elite he used to be with the Saints with the Packers. Rodgers is the best QB to have throwing you 40-60 yard passes downfield for touchdowns. Can put the ball where only Graham can catch it. Rodgers is known for that

This guy better be ready cuz he is gonna be seeing sum darts come his way ! Can't wait to see the impact of the new players we picked up! Go Pack!

With all that he accomplished with Russell Wilson just imagine what he can do with Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball to him. Nothing against Wilson, he's great.

He’s doing the job that a TE should be doing. A TE should line up at the end of the line, block, continued blocking if needed... not showing much of this... but when the game is on the line and you need that 1st down or the game is over, the TE accepts the job of making it happen. Lastly, if we continue to just fill holes on the line, and don’t start realizing that linemen is a skilled position we will continue to be playing 3rds and practice squad guys at mid season. Making the other skilled players obsolete.

The guy walks through tacklers, definitely looking forward to this season. I miss Jordy but business is business, hopefully he'll sign and retire with Green Bay when he's ready. He's a professional so I'm sure there are no hard feelings. GO PACK GO!

As people say about Jordy, it's the past? Who cares. If he doesn't step up and perform extremely well with the Packers, a lot of people will be unhappy.

Rodgers will be back, so besides trolling, I'm not sure why people are talking about Hundley as the starting QB?? I'm excited for Graham, just like I was for Bennett, hopefully this turns out better.

Hey dirty Sanchez 1 Superbowl doesn't mean anything I sure brady had a big wager and threw the game to win the bet. And as far as the eagles you and me both know who the better team is look back in the day you had the great Reggie white it's true look it up p.s use different site than the one you got your stats from. Now eagles let him go he was one of the best on the field and off so letting reggie go was it a mistake only time will tell but it happens to all teams lights out eagles fan

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