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2 months ago

Mark Davis

I'm just wondering why the majority of recent posts on this site are trying to sell me on the symphony? Is there anything going on with this group that actually involves our alma mater? Football is coming up. Watch parties? ... See MoreSee Less

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Seattle Arkansas Razorback Fans has more info on sports and watch parties are typically posted there.

OK, but I don't think that answered the question. Is this organization more than sports posts? Who are we? Do we have a philanthropy? Can we do more than meet in Seattle for watch parties?

Well I'm sorry if my posts are too often, but I'm an Arkansas Grad and no one else seems to do anything on this page. To be honest I attended one of your FOOTBALL watch parties and no one spoke to me, so I honestly didn't find this group all that friendly. I won't post any more and you can make it all FOOTBALL all the time. God forbid something other than sports finds it way into your lives.

Wow, that's a little dramatic don't you think. So here is a chance at a robust conversation, so don't stick your head in the sand. I don't need it to be all football and I will point to the fact that I mentioned philanthropy. What else can we do here, fellow alum?

This is not an active group at this time. The U of A downsized its support of the distant chapters and the leaders in the Seattle area were unable to keep the group going. I am a former president of the group but I am currently (temporarily) living in Atlanta to help with grandchildren.

Thanks for the update, Jo Anna. As a chartering member of this group, that just seems tragic to me. How did this happen? I have to admit I moved away and came back, but have been busy raising kids, running a business and doing my MBA. That said, I have to wonder if this is an organizational failure or a leadership failure. I see Gerry's painful experience above and I think I know the answer. I am hopeful that there is still an interest in making this organization something meaningful here again. I hope fellow Hogs respond to this and say they want an organization that does more than watch parties in just Seattle. I hope I hear from some fellow alums about how they want to help provide the impetus to NW kids who want to attend the UofA. If I don't hear from others, I suppose I will very regretfully have to accept that the former leadership really let the flame die on this one.

The chapter is still running on a small base (more board members welcome!). However, we are not posting much these days. Will have to get an update from the chapter group about watch parties this fall. As for the symphony. Gerry is a U of A alum.

Hey guys sorry I haven't been able to comment. I've been dealing with food poisoning and haven't had time for Facebook. As Eric said we do have a chapter here that is very active. We mostly do watch parties, because that's where we have people show up. We did just do a pignic in June that had a decent turn out. The point behind this alumni association here is that we Bring Arkansas Grads together. And that we raise money for our scholarship fund to send students from the PNW to the University of Arkansas. I know sports are not everything, it's just what mostly brings the group together. At watch parties we take donations for our scholarship fund every game. Gerry, I'm so sorry you had that experience. I understand your frustration, and promise that if you give us another chance we will be much more welcoming!!! For anyone who is interested about being apart of the board you must be current with the alumni association, then just email me. Again my apologies for not being on this sooner!

Very active? That seems like a strange comment given what Jo Anna said about it being inactive and unsupported. And everything I am seeing posted appears to be about football (don't get me wrong, I love football!). Is the point being lost in the midst of this discussion? Who are we? My experience since I moved back six years ago has been somewhat like Gerry's. I went to one watch party because it is excruciating to get downtown from Woodinville and felt the Seattle freeze from people that aren't even from here. When we chartered this chapter, we purposely added the "and Western Washington" part to keep it from being centered in Seattle. There have to be some eastside activities, there has to better outreach, or this will be a ghost town.

I understand the point of the alumni association. I helped write the charter for it. Are there board positions open?

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2 months ago

Bill Bell

SEC Alumni and Fans Meet and Greet Event
Come and meet your fellow SEC Alumni and Fans in the Seattle area before the Football Season starts. Come and stay a few minutes or awhile.

SEC Alumni and Fans Meet and Greet EventAugust 19, 2017, 2:00pmSEC Alumni and Fans Meet and Greet Event
Come and meet your fellow SEC Alumni and Fans in the Seattle area before the Football Season starts. Come and stay a few minutes or awhile.
... See MoreSee Less

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